Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the medication and drugs available on the website are of the highest quality, and we ensure that all the medicines are procured from high-end pharmaceutical giants. It is needless to mention they have unmatched infrastructure breakthrough machinery and all the drugs are untouched by human hands as they come in factory sealed blister packs.

Generic medications are marketed without brand names, and they are also known as generic medications. Although drugs are similar to their branded counterparts, the active ingredient, variants strength, and indication are identical to that of the branded drug. It is identical to that of branded medicine.

If you wish to cancel the order, you can write an email to us:info@thepharmacycity.com, and in case your order is processed or shipped, your order will not be revoked.

Yes, the service is confidential and secure. Your medical data and order history is safe and confidential. Only our pharmacy professional and the team can view your order and order history.

You can easily avail of coupons and discounts at the time of checkout, and you will be notified regarding the coupon and deals that you may get at the checkout place. 

The most significant difference that sets it apart is conveyance and the services you get at your doorstep. We ensure to display exact pictures that are being delivered to your doorstep.

It will take two to three business days to get your medicine delivered to the doorstep. In case of delay, a team of professionals will certainly keep you abreast with the order’s current status and when it will reach you.