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What is Carisoprodol?

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that helps manage musculoskeletal pain. It belongs to the class of drugs called carbamate, and it blocks pain sensation between nerves and the brain. It is used with rest and physical therapy to treat skeletal muscle conditions such as pain and injury.

Rest, physical therapy, and other measures will increase the drug’s efficacy and relax muscles after strain, sprain, and muscle injuries. Buy Carisoprodol Online It is advisable for short-term use for up to three to four weeks, and extended use of the drug may result in drug abuse and misuse and lead to serious health issues.

How does Carisoprodol work?

It is an oral muscle relaxant. However, it is unclear how it works, although it is estimated to work by altering communication between nerves and the brain that control the sensation of pain in the spinal cord. Soma is used along with rest and physical therapy and helps effectively manage the condition.

The drug’s effect begins within an hour, Buy Carisoprodol Online and the duration of action is approximately three to four hours. It is excreted in the kidney and metabolized in the liver via CYP2C19.

What are some side effects of Carisoprodol?

Carisoprodol may have some side effects, and these side effects will wash off in a couple of days and in case of severe side effects, seek prompt medical attention. Here are some common side effects.

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  •  Headache
  • Agitation
  • irregular heartbeat
  • Jerking off all extremities
  • loss of Bladder control

In severe side effects, rush to the nearest health center and do as advised

What are some possible drug interactions of Carisoprodol?

Soma may interact with certain drugs, Buy Carisoprodol Online which may have some side effects, interacting with certain medications. And here, we bring you a few medicines that may interact are as follows:

Carisoprodol interacts with other medications and drugs that slow the brain processes. 

  • Alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepine lorazepam, and other narcotics may accentuate the effects and, at the same time, it causes drowsiness.
  • St . John Wort and rifampin increase Carisoprodol elimination, resulting in the reduced effect of the drug, and it may reduce the drug’s efficacy.
  • Omeprazole and fluvoxamine reduce Carisoprodol elimination leading to increased side effects. The risk of severe side effects increases manifold. 

Who should not take Carisoprodol?

  • You should not take Carisoprodol if you have porphyria (a skin and nervous system disorder).
  • If you ever had a kidney, liver disease
  • Seizures
  • Whether this medicine may harm the unborn baby, and if you are an expecting mother, you should not take Carisoprodol as it may cause drowsiness in the baby.
  •  if you have a sulfa allergy, then avoid taking Soma as it may worsen the condition

How to take Carisoprodol?

  • Carisoprodol should be taken strictly as per your doctor’s instruction, as this will certainly help you manage the condition.
  •  Never take a dose in large quantities as it is habit-forming that may lead to addiction.
  •  The adult dose for Muscle spasms is 250 to 350 mg thrice a day, preferably at bedtime.
  •  In case of a missed dose, take the amount as soon as possible, and in case it’s time for the next dose, then take the dose that’s due. Never miss and club the quantity; take a single amount at a time.
  • You can take it post or pre-meal as this will not have any adverse side effects or reduce the drug’s efficacy.


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