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What is Levitra?

Levitra is an oral medication for managing erectile dysfunction and impotence in male adults. It is an effective first line of attack regarding management and impotence. Buy Levitra online, It works within 30 to sixty minutes in presence of sexual stimulation. It increases the blood flow to the male organ; as a result, it will help to have a sustained erection for penile sex.

 What are some side effects of Levitra?

 Levitra may have some side effects, Buy Levitra online, and most of them will go on their own in case of severe side effects, seeking immediate medical attention as this may lead to serious health issues. Common side effects include:

  • Back pain 
  • Stuffy nose 
  • pain in extremities 
  • joint pain 

Severe side effects of Levitra 

  • Vision changes
  •  Hearing loss  
  •  Low B.P levels
  • Chest pain 
  •  Pain in the shoulder, chest, and jaw
  •  Seek immediate medical attention if you have any 

 What are some drug interactions of Levitra?

Levitra may have some drug interactions that may reduce e absorption and it and may increase the drug’s effectiveness which may potentiate the effect of the drug and may lead to serious health contradictions.

 All the PDE5 inhibitors should not be used along with the nitrate medication.

As it may lower the blood pressure level

Vardenafil causes lengthening of the Q.T. interval, and it should not be taken with other medication as this may increase the drug’s effect and cause severe health-related issues.    

Who should not take Levitra?

  • If you are allergic to Levitra or any inactive ingredient of the drug, this may lead to serious health issues.
  • If you are 65 years old, then you must take action and ask your healthcare provider about the risk and benefit
  • If you are taking nitrates, do not take Levitra, as it may lower your BP
  •  If you have a bleeding disorder 
  •  if you have stomach-related issues 
  •  if you have a history of heart disease and cardiac arrest 

In addition, it is best to inform your healthcare provider if you have any other health condition, as this may lead to serious health issues.

 How to take Levitra? 

  • Take it half an hour before the activity, as it takes 60 minutes to work in the presence of sexual stimulation.
  •  Do not take more than one tablet daily, as taking more than required will lead to serious health issues that may have certain contradictions.
  •  You can take it with or without food as it will not have an ill impact on your health. In addition, it is essential to avoid oily and junk food to reduce the absorption of the medicine, thereby it will reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
  •  Now you can buy Levitra online, but the best way is to seek medical intervention as they will prescribe a dose as per the age, general health, and allied condition.
  • Never share your medication with anyone, even if they have similar symptoms.
  •  Do not crush, pound or break the tablet. Please take it as a whole with a glass of water.

 Do not club the dose; take one tablet at a time, and in case of a missed dose, take the amount that is due, and if it is time for the next dose, then take the amount that is due. Do not take two tablets at one time.

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