What Are The Different Types Of Xanax? Xanax Colors Explained

What Are The Different Types Of Xanax? Xanax Colors Explained

Xanax bars are high potency rectangular bars available in 2 mg or 3 mg of Alprazolam. It belongs to the class of drug called Benzodiazepine that alters the GABA activity and helps to tame anxiety.

It is indicated for managing a host of conditions, including anxiety, seizures, acute withdrawal, mild to moderate insomnia, phobia and panic disorders. The high potency of triazole benzodiazepines is a high potency, and here we will delve into different types of Xanax bars.

Different types of Xanax bars their popularity.

Xanax bars are popular both in terms of therapeutic use and recreational use. It is flabbergasting for a novice user to discern the different color of Xanax bars and their purpose of use. Here we bring you different types of Xanax bars widely available.

White Xanax bars: a rectangular bar that contains 2 mg of Alprazolam that are scored for the ease of breakage and it has high potency bars, and the recommended or rather maximum, the dose is around 4 mg of Alprazolam, and taking more may result in addiction and other health issues.

It is also known as “sticks,” the street name of a white Xanax bar. As mentioned earlier, it is a robust version, and it will start showing its effects within a few minutes.

Among all the bars manufactured by most pharmaceutical giants and different pharma companies comes with a unique imprint that makes it different from the other brands. Furthermore, white Xanax is available in round, oval, and rectangular shapes ranging from 0.25 mg to 2 mg.

Yellow Xanax bars: This is another high-strength Xanax bar called “yellow school bus” due to its shape and color. It is 2 mg of Alprazolam, and it is a generic form of the drug, and it has the imprint “RO 39,” and Actavis Pharmaceuticals manufactures it. Take high-strength bars like yellow Xanax bars as per your health care provider’s accurate dose as per the intensity of symptoms and bout of an anxiety attack, insomnia, etc.

Green Xanax barsThis green-hued Xanax bar is very popular; it contains 2 mg of Alprazolam. Different pharma groups manufacture it, and it is an effective drug for managing a host of conditions on green Xanax bars. It is essential to keep a tab on the dose as taking more than required may lead to addiction and increase the risk of drug abuse and misuse. 

Blue Xanax barsit comes with a “B707” imprint, and it also contains 2 mg of Alprazolam with three vertical lines that are meant for ease of breakage for an accurate dose. In addition, it may have some fillers that are inactive ingredients of the drug. Before taking the dose, it is essential to take it under strict supervision to avert the risk of side effects and health contradictions.

Peach Xanax bars:  it ranges from 0.25 mg up to 2 mg. It is light orange, giving its peachy green look. It is available in different shapes round, oblong, rectangular, and falls in the category of bars.

 All the Xanax, as mentioned earlier, bars are safe to use, and the colorants are FDA approved; however, they should be used in accordance. The best way is to seek professional advice to get the optimum benefit of the Xanax bars without compromising the quality of the drug.

How to take a Xanax bar safely?

Taking an accurate dose of Xanax is crucial, and here we bring you some points that will undoubtedly help you take it safely without any harm to your system and body.

  • Take the desired dose, do not go overboard, and follow the golden rule to stick to the prescription and do as advised.
  • If you are not sure about the drug, then query about it, then only take it;
  • If you have any underlying health condition or are currently on specific medication, inform your health care to avoid health contradictions and drug interactions.
  • Take it when required, do not chew, crush, pound the tablet, take it as advised by your healthcare provider.
  • Xanax bars are scored for ease of breakage and accurate dose so you can easily break the bar or, as advised by your doctor.

How to taper Xanax?

Do not stop Xanax cold turkey (abruptly) as this may lead to severe withdrawal effects that can be harmful and may have some severe health issues that can be life-threatening. A minimum of 8 WEEKS is required to taper off the dose. Ideally, one should work with your doctor as he will accurately taper off the amount without any side effects and adverse effects as both the body and mind are dependent on the substance.

If not done correctly, one may experience uncomfortable symptoms, including high blood pressure and convulsion. Ask your health provider, and ideally, one should taper off under the supervision of an expert as he will decrease the dose slowly, limiting the symptoms to taper off Xanax.

How to manage Xanax addiction?

Xanax is a habit-forming drug, and it is a schedule IV controlled class drug due to the risk of drug abuse and misuse.

The risk of Xanax bar addiction is more than a low dose of the drug because these bars are more potent; therefore, the risk of addiction is more than a low dose of Alprazolam.

Understanding the signs and signals will determine the risk of addiction and drug abuse, and misuse. Signs of addiction include:

  • The constant desire to take Xanax bars and inability to focus on anything else
  • Taking a large dose to achieve the same high (tolerance of the drug)
  • Extended use of the drug
  • Changes in lifestyle, activities, and hobby

If you see any of the symptoms and signs, seek immediate professional help. There are several de-addiction centers committed to providing sober and addiction-free life.

The bottom line

Xanax bars come in different colors and variants, and as a result, they will undoubtedly help manage a host of conditions. It is needless to mention that Xanax bars are also used for recreational purposes, and the crux is to take them in moderation to get desired” high” without any side effects and ill impact on your health. All Xanax bars are high potency drugs; accepting them as per the instructions will combat health problems and manage them well without any contradiction.


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